Diploma of Engineering Studies


30 MONTHS / 2400 HRS

R 40 000.00

or R3 500.00 (S1) & R1 525.00 x 30 months = R 49 250.00.

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Enrolment Requirements: 
Grade 12 with a minimum of mathematic literacy and basic computer competence or equivalent or RPL including a Draughting Qualification.

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Related Terms

Competency assigned to a specific outcome from unit standards.
B. Tech – a degree qualification of a minimum of 3600hrs (PDS level 6 PDS credits 360).

DIPLOMA – a diploma qualification of a minimum of 2400hrs (PDS level 5 PDS credits 240).

CERTIFICATE – a qualification of a minimum of 1200hrs (PDS level 5 PDS credits 120).

A dedicated specific related component for learning.
Outcome based education
A number of linking modules.
Recognition of prior learning.
A set of instructions based on collective and specific outcomes.

Diploma of Engineering Studies

The Diploma of Engineering Studies is offered through Professional Drafting Services as a correspondence draughting certificate. Leaners will be required to invest +-2 hours per day into their studies. The Diploma of Engineering Studies includes the following modules:

Starter module one. A program/course orientation module one. (PDS level 4 PDS credits 18) A module that comes with a starter pack (shoulder bag, books, notes and instruments, etc.). An introduction to manual draughting /engineering graphics, demonstrating appropriate learning skills, eye and hand coordination exercises required for the success of mastering engineering graphics and general draughting. (180 hours)
(PDS level 5 PDS credits 27) A manual draughting discipline module covering engineering graphics, draughting standards and techniques for general, mechanical, structural, piping, electrical and architectural draughting disciplines. (270 hours)
(PDS level 5 PDS credits 9) A computer aided draughting (CAD) general draughting module. (90 hours)
TS1 . (PDS level 6 PDS credits 33) A thesis to consolidate draughting, design/art, ideology and engineering graphics. (330 hours)

(PDS level 5  PDS credits 27)  A theory and practical module that concentrates on design skills for mechanical (MSPEC), structural/ structural steel (SSPEC), piping (PSPEC), civil (CSPEC) and architectural (ASPEC) disciplines.  (270 hours each)

(PDS level 5 PDS credits 27) Practical operational skills relating to functional insight and effective behavioural patterns, specific to the engineering industry. (270 hours)