Enrolment Agreement

I the guarantor, that is twenty one (21) years of age or older, agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions as set out in this enrolment form/contract, that the details given by me are correct, that I have read and understand this enrolment form/ contract, and agrees to the responsibilities as the guarantor.

That the material for the course/program shall be supplied to me in parts.

That I will adhere to the copyright agreement on all information and notes.

Accept all rules and regulations as given in the S1 INTRODUCTION booklet.

That this contract cannot be cancelled by the applicant or guarantor, and the full outstanding balance can be claimed by Professional Drafting Services.

To pay postage on material sent to and from Professional Drafting Services.

That any module, course and/or courses content may be altered at the discretion of Professional Drafting Services.

That Professional Drafting Services choose its domicillium and executandi for all purposes.

Professional Drafting Services may close for any recess and public/religious holiday at the discretion of management.

In the event of, an Act of God, Political or Industrial unrest that may cause the temporary cessation of tuition or classes, Professional Drafting Services shall  ensure that learners recommence their studies by making facilities available as soon as possible.  This  does not lessen a learners/guarantor of their monetary obligations.

The failure to attend lectures for any reason whatsoever, will not reduce the liability of the applicant/learner/student or guarantor for the COURSE FEE, and shall not be entitled to a credit or payment reduction.

A course/program fee or deposits paid is not transferable and S1 is not refundable.

A learner that is not yet competent/failing a course/program or module does not diminish or alter the COURSE FEE.

Professional Drafting Services cannot alter the COURSE FEE within the contract period.

If the course/program is to be paid by installments, the full balance will become immediately due if any one installment is not paid on due date.

The learner will not be permitted to attend classes/lectures/seminars or have access to any services, in the event of the terms of payment or any breech of contract occurring.

Overdue amounts shall be subject to interest on the outstanding sum, based on Prime Rate, calculated from the date that the amount is overdue.

Professional Drafting Services reserves the right, in terms of the violations of academic integrity, to serve one (1) verbal warning and one (1) written warning.  Disciplinary action up to and including dismissal (expelling) a learner without reimbursement of monies paid or a diminished liability of a full monetary settlement.

Untimely learners can be omitted from the auditorium if facilitation is in progress or the oration has started.

Be required to be competent on all assessments/progress tests/modules.

A learner cannot convert from one course/program or module to another without a written agreement by Professional Drafting Services.

Professional Drafting Services reserves the right to change course/program notes or administration costs.

That learner results can be made available to interested parties.

By accepting this contract, I fully understand and accept that upon registration/enrollment and/or entering the premises at Professional Drafting Services, that I undertake all activities at Professional Drafting Services entirely at my own risk.  I agree that Professional Drafting Services liability to me, my estate, my dependants or to any other person in respect of any claims arising from loss or damage to property owned by me or in my possession or under my control or from bodily injury to me or from my death, shall be limited to the extent to which such claims are covered by Professional Drafting Services insurance.  I, my estate, my dependants, person/s acting on my behalf or persons under my control, indemnifies and absolves Professional Drafting Services owners, managers, its Council, its staff, its agents, its representatives and all persons for whom it is  liable, against any and all claims whatsoever.  This indemnity includes bodily injury to me or my death, regardless of the nature or cause of such loss, regardless of whether it be caused by the negligent act or an omission from Professional Drafting Services.

I undertake to pay all legal costs incurred by Professional Drafting Services between attorneys and Professional Drafting Services, including collection charges, if any, with regard to instructions given by Professional Drafting Services to its attorneys for the recovery of any arrear fees and/or other charges due.

As a new learner/student, I understand that in addition to any departmental pre-requisites, a learner/student at Professional Drafting Services are required to produce evidence of educational qualifications for acceptance, a copy of the learners’ Identity Document front page and a photograph of the learner.  I undertake to present this information to Professional Drafting Services before commencing with studies.

If I am a learner that requires a study visa, I will undertake to produce such visa to Professional Drafting Services upon registration, and if requested by Professional Drafting Services, a Certificate of Evaluation from SAQA.

That the applicant and guarantor/s are responsible for updating personal details.

That I undertake to inform Professional Drafting Services in writing of my withdrawal from the academic program/s.

That Professional Drafting Services by accepting the applicant as a learner, cannot be held responsible for the learners’ lack of competence in any course/program, module, assessment or test.

That the learner has made Professional Drafting Services aware of his or her  special needs, be it medical or physical, and that Professional Drafting Services cannot be held responsible for the inability to supply or render services for these special needs.

A great deal of care and time has been taken to ensure, to the best of our knowledge, that all information in the form of notes, books, catalogues and other mediums are accurate.  Professional Drafting Services assumes no responsibility for any misinterpretations of such data, errors or any loss or damage arising from or relating to its use.

10. Professional Drafting Services reserves the right not to renew the learners           contract after expiry date as indicated below, and to do so without reimbursement of monies paid or a diminished liability of a full monetary settlement from the learner/ guarantor.